Bio Kinesiology

Bio-Kinesiology focuses on Nutrition, Gut Health and Body Health

  • 1 hour
  • 80 euros
  • Fitzwilliam Street Upper

Service Description

Bio-Kinesiology is a therapy which focuses on Nutrition, Gut Health and overall Body Health. It works in direct communication with the emotion and chemistry of the body to identify imbalances and deficiencies. Bio-Kinesiology treats the person holistically – mind, body, bio-chemistry and energy. When an energy imbalance impacts any part of the body, the functions of the body as a whole system become affected. Your body knows what it wants to heal and how to heal itself. Working with a Bio-Kinesiologist to communicate with your body through muscle testing will get the answers necessary to allow the healing process to begin. Bio-Kinesiology means that the path to healing is in clear, easy to follow steps using supplements and remedies that lead to long term lifestyle improvements. A full case history is taken to highlight current symptoms that are affecting you. While you remain fully clothed and lie comfortably on the plinth, I conduct the muscle test by applying light pressure to the relevant muscle. It is gentle and non-invasive. Bio-Kinesiology is an effective therapy in healing the body from trauma, emotional overwhelm and recurring health issues. It is here I use my wealth of knowledge and skills to incorporate a variety of healing therapies to support and rebalance the body. I have many years experience of using techniques such as Chakra rebalancing, Past Trauma Resolution, Injury Recall, Reiki and Energy Healing, Bach remedies, Australian Bush remedies, EFT and Tapping, Neural Linguistic Programming (NLP) and positive affirmations. Food Intolerance Testing Gut Health Vitamin & Mineral Deficiencies Fatigue & Low Energy PMS & Infertility Treatment Heal viruses, bacterial infections, fungus/candida overgrowth. Brain Fog Release negative emotions such as anxiety, low mood, stress, depression and overwhelm High Stress levels Detoxify toxic metals (mercury, lead, arsenic) and radiation. Working with you, Charlotte will investigate common conditions and potential causative factors of illness. She can identify what is relevant to you through kinesiology muscle testing and will then guide you on how to recover holistically using nutrition, supplementation and lifestyle techniques. Suggested treatment plan: When treating emotional stress with Kinesiology I recommend: An initial 90 minute kinesiology consultation followed by between 3 – 5 standard consultations 1 -2 weeks apart.