What is Kinesiology?

Over many years I have trained in several approaches to healing and wellness. Through this experience I have realised time and time again how toxins in the body, gut and digestion issues are all connected to emotions and trauma that is stored in the body. If we are aware we can often confront problems at the Energetic level before they manifest in the body. However, if not, it can be many years later and long after the stressors have gone that we are discovering the physical symptoms of our emotional trauma and experiences.

Kinesiology is a detailed yet simple technique to communicate with your body. It operates on a basic principle that what is good for our body will strengthen us and what is not good for our body will weaken it. Through skilled knowledge of anatomy as well as psychology we can begin the process of unlocking what is causing difficulty and activate healing deep within.

It doesn't matter where you would like to start with an emotional issue, or a physical symptom. They are all linked and we can find the answers that you need within your own body.

This is an empowering approach, giving you the information and the tools to r

estore wellness. You will learn what your body need so that you can start looking after your own gut and overall health today. I will guide you every step of the way.

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