Soul Connections

“Dr Lewis told me, “The Master (Yogananda) was reminiscing with me the other day. He spoke as an intimate friend of our years together. ‘We’ve had a good life,’ he said. ‘It seems only yesterday that we first met. Soon we will be separated, but in a little while we’ll be together again.'” Conversations with Yogananda – by Swami Kriyananda

Soul connections are probably most recognisable for the distinct experience of energy contact that they give us. It’s like eye-contact, but with the entire energy electromagnetic field of our body. The times where we feel it most are probably most familiar to us as attraction or repulsion experiences. We may feel fearful in it, entranced by it and everything in between. We may feel something like “get away from me” or ‘I want to know you’ or even a feeling of ‘I already know you’. This is how we can recognise our soul connections, and it is very often characterised by a strong reaction. And we have many hundreds and thousands of these.

Part of our journey with soul connections is that as soon as we arrive into our human experience, we have mostly forgotten we set them up. It’s a bit like losing your keys, searching for them and in the instant of finding them, having a memory flash of putting them there. From this point of recognition of a soul connection, it begins to unfold and the experience we have contracted begins to be unlocked.

We can have the feeling that in that relationship we are following an instinct, but it might not feel like we have total free will in the way we can usually feel. This is because of the soul contract we have agreed on prior to being born, or it may be our karma with this other soul seeking to be resolved. Once these soul connections have made contact, then we can feel locked into the karma fairground ride until it is finished. To use fairground terminology – we don’t always know whether we are in the tea-cups, the roller-coaster or the house of horrors until the ride is underway, and there is no going back! Some of our karmic soul connections may even take many lifetimes of incarnations to be fully resolved.

Who decides this? The answer is that WE do. In collaboration with other souls we know, we create agreements and contracts with them on a soul to soul level for what we want to learn, or forgive, or teach, or share. The experience of recognition when we meet each other is how the soul gets the message through to our body so the journey can begin. Our soul family will have many thousands of souls. Some will be our siblings, others will be our friends, still more our lovers, neighbours, teachers and so on. These are the people we meet consistently over our lifetimes. The challenge can be to embrace these connections with gratitude for the opportunity they bring to us to heal, grow & flourish, especially in the more painful connections as these are the ones where both we and the other soul have undertaken to carry out the most difficult soul lessons.

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