How to be Happy

Life is an active participation process. If we sit on the sidelines we will get bored, feel worthless and eventually stagnant and depressed. Living life by intention creates the positive momentum that produces positive results and attracts well being and happiness to us.

Our first step on any path to wellness must be a commitment to truth and honesty with ourselves. Once we accept what we are dealing with, then we can accurately create our solution to fit. Our integrity within ourselves is key to this. Our actions & behaviours must match our inner knowingness of what is right for us. We will feel positive and fulfilled when we do this whereas engaging in behaviours that result in feeling shame or guilt erode away our self esteem and self confidence, and ultimately erode away our potential for happiness.

It’s so much easier to be in touch with our inner integrity and sense of self when we engage in activities that increase our energy vibration. Low vibration in our energy feels heavy. We will be easily distracted, mood will be low & mind can be chaotic and hard to focus. High vibration will feel good, energised. Our mind will feel clear and unburdened. It will be easy to focus and easy to relax.

Here are some practical steps to increase your vibration steadily:

1. Meditate

Any kind of meditation practice is beneficial. Whether you prefer mindfulness or yoga, the outcome will be the same. Practicing meditation with chanting of mantra is an especially powerful and accelerated way to clear negative energy and charge your body up with high vibration light energy.

2. Reduce or eliminate Alcohol/drugs The quickest way to dramatically lower your vibration is to use alcohol and/or other drugs. It weakens our energy field and makes it much more difficult to keep a clear and positive mind. But that is not to say it can’t ever be enjoyed so choose bright clear places if you are going to drink and ensure you are in good company (see step 5!) & don’t use to excess. A good rule of thumb to avoid over consumption is to never drink alone & never 2 days in a row. 3. Wear bright colours Black is the color the brain gives to the absence of light, and increasing our vibration means we should focus on increasing the light in our bodies. Wearing black blocks energy from entering and from leaving so when we want to heal or let go of some emotion, wearing black will ensure we hold on to it (and this means we keep feeling them). 4. Shower in the morning During the night while we are asleep our bodies perform detoxing inside the whole body. Our skin is one of the main ways our body uses to excrete these toxins so it is essential to wash them off so that they don’t get re-absorbed. Toxins have a negative effect in the body, lowering our mood & energy levels. 5. Connect with people that feel good to be around We are the company we keep so connect with people that inspire positivity in you and promote wellbeing around you. These might be people who you aspire to be like or want to learn from. People that are kind & honest are a good place to start. 6. Spend time in nature Time we spend in nature is time we spend grounding and connecting within ourselves and the world around us. It is easy and free therapy. Make opportunities as often as possible to be close to rivers & sea, gazing into the water; or gazing at a sunrise or sunset; or walking among trees and sitting with them. Breathe in all that nature has to offer and let go of anything in your energy that is weighing you down. 7. Eat less meat/fish We absorb into our bodies the vibration of the food we eat. Fish and animals are much lower vibration than humans and the process of fish & animals becoming our food generally involves distress and fear for them. If we then eat them, we are ingesting all of that fear and distressed energy from them into our bodies. The highest vibration foods are local, organic and fresh. When our intention is to do good and create positivity and light in the world, we will inevitably feel all of that within ourselves first. The key to success is to practice some or all of these steps consistently. As we set the intention to be more light and positive, the path of that will lead us to more people and activities that will further our success. This list is not intended to be exhaustive, there are many more things that can be done to create wellness and happiness so have fun finding more!

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