Do you want to live your best life?

“The proper function of man is to live, not to exist. I shall not waste my days in trying to prolong them. I shall use my time.” –Jack London

Life is a gift and in each breath we take, it is good to be reminded that we don’t know when we might take our last. None of us seeks to waste our lives, but it just so easily happens. Life and responsibilities can trap us into routines where whole blocks of time can occupy one memory in our consciousness because it’s all so similar. Awareness is the key, but it’s never so simple. Here are six ways to ensure you are maximising your life to the fullest of your potential. If it feels like you have alot to change – don’t worry. Take one step. Sometimes we have to shake things up in life in order to fix it.

1) Become healthy: In Mind, Body, AND Soul

If you find yourself worrying too much and dwelling on the past, having alot of negative thoughts and emotions then it will have a direct effect on your mind. We need to allow ourselves to feel our more painful emotions so that we can let them go and then we can heal from past hurts.

Nikola Tesla said “Our entire biological system, the brain (the body, the soul), and the Earth itself, work on the same frequencies”. When we are out of alignment with those frequencies we feel tired, unmotivated, unhappy. In taking the steps to be healthy in mind, body & soul we clear the negative energy debris in our system and will feel more closely in tune with ourselves, and our Earth. The result is that we feel more content and happy. Making the effort to be healthy in any one of these areas will automatically help make improvements in the others. So start today, make one improvement in what you choose to eat or choosing enjoyable exercise or time in solitude to meditate. Expand your awareness – tune into birds and sounds of nature as often as possible.

2) Choose a positive attitude

“Choose” is the key action in this. We indeed choose what we allow to occupy our mind space. If your thoughts are overly negative, generally thinking the glass-is-half-empty, and complain a lot, then the result is that we will feel unhappy, undeserving or unlucky. The first step to cultivating a positive attitude is to practice gratitude. Every breath is a gift – feel grateful for that. There’s a wealth of joy to be savored in this life. Begin with making a gratitude list of all the people, places, experiences, opportunities you have. Give your life meaning and purpose. With enough practice negative thoughts will not be able to get such a strong foothold and they will fade away. Life still happens though, but even when things go horribly wrong you’ll appreciate how they can make you stronger, and therefore happier, in the long run. Think positive. Hope for the best, but be prepared for the worst, and then make the best of it either way.

3) Challenge yourself more

If you never leave your comfort zone, you never travel, and you always have a reason or excuse for not trying something new, then the result can be a life that feels wasted. We live on an amazing planet. There is so much to learn, so much to experience. If you’ve closed yourself off to most of it, then your life will end up feeling sparse.

Challenge yourself to read more, expand your mind to include other forms of knowledge. Challenge yourself to explore more. You don’t have to go far – there are likely to be so many places in your local area that you haven’t explored. Get out there and embrace the world, discover it’s magnificence. Take a different route to where you are going or returning from as often as possible. Break out of routines! Stretch the edges of your comfort zone until your bursting with fear, and then allow yourself to come back to your comfort place and heal. This is how we learn what our potential is, what we are capable of. Keep doing that over and over again, stretching more and more, and you will grow in ways that will stagger yourself and make your heart feel as expansive as the Grand Canyon!

4) Don’t let anyone tell you how to live

If you are allowing somebody else to drive your life, then at some point you may start feeling that you don’t know who you are, maybe feel trapped & feel like you are wasting your life. Too many compromises in relationships that are not for our greatest good erode our self-esteem.

Nobody knows you like you do. Nobody else has your unique memories. Step into being the driving force in your life. There’s nothing wrong with good advice. But remember, it’s up to you whether it is good advice or not, you are the one that lives with the consequence of taking that advice. Question everything, especially those telling you how to live. Question all that you are reading here even!

Go out there and figure it out for yourself. And that’s the point, really figuring it out for yourself. You’re always your own boss, even when you’re giving your power over to others. You can always take it back. It’s up to you. Even if you grew up in an unhealthy or damaging situation, you are personally responsible for how you heal that.

5) Give yourself permission to feel more worthy

Self-worth is both one of the easiest and one of the most difficult things we can choose to have. Let me start by helping you feel worthy of being alive. Like winning the golden ticket, the chances of us actually being here and occupying a body is 1 / 12,000,000,000! That’s the odds of your mom meeting your dad, and the odds of all the sperm that’s created, and the eggs that are created and the chances of 2 of those coming together to make YOU! Feeling worthy now?

It takes courage to feel our worth, because it asks that we act worthy even before we feel worthy. If you find you’re feeling worthless often, then it’s time to act worthy. Treat yourself with the highest level of respect and honour that you know exists. Practice total honesty with yourself. Treat yourself how you want to be treated by others.

Similar to feeling negative, acting worthy is a choice. If you practice acting worthy enough, then eventually you will feel worthy and won’t even have to act. Have fun with it. It’s like playing a game of reverse-psychology on yourself.

6) Don’t worry about money

What we fear we create. So if we fear lack, we attract that to us. If you think work is the only thing that matters or that the world owes you something, then you may be wasting your life by thinking too much about money. Our cultural conditioning and a system built upon fundamentally unsustainable principles breeds greediness at its core. Most of us are raised believing that money is the key to happiness, or even that money will bring us love. This is unfortunate, but it is our responsibility to see through the illusion. In fact, money can only ever be a means to maximise what’s good about life in the first place. Problems arise when we become a slave to making money, or when we hoard it. It’s time we reversed that conditioning. Money is an energy. It is neither good nor bad. Use money as a tool for living rather than letting it become your master.

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