Crystal Healing while you sleep!

Crystals come in so many varied shapes, colors, and sizes that often it can be confusing deciding which one to use or wear, especially if you are not aware of the properties of each crystal or of the body’s chakra system or the aura. We humans have been fascinated by crystals for millennia, drawn to their beauty, their geometry, their vibrations and how they affect our energy. There are both natural and man-made crystals – it is the natural variety I will focus on for this.

Crystals have the ability to transmit, transmute and change energy quite dramatically. Most people on wearing a crystal for the first time can tangibly feel the energy of it, mildly or profoundly. The initial experience of the crystal working on the energy of the body is that we can feel unwell. This happens when our aura or energy is out of balance or holding a lot of negativity (energy of thoughts, emotions) and the release of the negative energy by the crystal will mean that we can feel it more as it is clearing. The crystal will work on many levels of the aura, especially our chakras, restoring balance to them and recharging them with clearer high vibrational energy. This can take the form of feeling tired, or feeling emotional/tearful, headaches or nausea. It’s important to remember at this stage that this is temporary and will pass once the crystal has done its work.

Within a few weeks of wearing a crystal, people generally report that they feel more positive, have more energy and feel physically much better. Our bodies have a great intelligence that they know exactly what we need to heal. In choosing a crystal for yourself I recommend following your intuition, your inner guidance. Often the crystal that is most attractive to you is the one needed as this is often how our body will give us clues. Then finding out the name of it you can find out more about its properties and how to use it.

It is essential to cleanse your crystal before using – especially if bought from a shop rather than found in nature. Different crystals will benefit from different kinds of cleaning, but most can be washed in tap water, or salty water to cleanse (be sure to find out that your crystal is not salt based as it will dissolve!). Crystals can be charged by putting them outside under the full moon light or by burying them in the ground for a while to cleanse and charge them.

Here are some of the most popular and easy to find crystals, and what they are most useful for:

Rose Quartz: This crystal is pink in color. A piece of rose quartz is ideal in the home on a table or bench top, or can be placed under the bed for nighttime healing and protection. The beautiful color pink soothes and heals, especially when a person has heartbreak or upset in their life. Wearing a rose quartz crystal brings peace where there is disharmony and help in healing a broken heart.

Smokey Quartz: This is a very powerful and spiritual stone. It is a grounding stone as it can ground excess energy. It is for meditation and is a very powerful healer.

Amethyst: The amethyst is a truly spiritual stone. It is a very powerful emotional balancer and a strong healer. It is a wonderful stone to have at the side of the bed to help you sleep and great for healing headache.

Clear Quartz: This crystal is a very powerful healer. It works on all aspects of the mind and body and is very effective for giving you confidence and for removing negativity. It can increase your natural energy flow as well as work on all aspects of the aura. It is best to keep this stone out of the bedroom as it will activate and energise us!

Tiger’s Eye: Tiger’s eye can be a brownish red, blue or brown, but all of the tiger’s eye crystals are grounding stones, meaning that they have the ability to absorb excess energy.

Black Tourmaline: Tourmaline is a very powerful protection stone and an excellent grounding crystal for meditation & healing. It is a stone of purification and cleanses the body of negativity.

One of the easiest ways to benefit from crystal healing is during our sleep. This is especially helpful if we have trouble sleeping. During sleep our mind is unconscious and our body is then more receptive to the healing energies of crystals. Amethyst is essential in every night-time crystal collection. It can help to prevent from having nightmares, and can also be very helpful in helping one to relax and go to sleep.

Sometimes people may have trouble sleeping because they consciously or unconsciously fear losing control (going out of the body, losing consciousness, etc.) It can then be very helpful to keep a grounding crystal handy.

Hematite is an excellent grounding and protective stone.You may also want to try black tourmaline (very good for protecting one from negativity), or smoky quartz, a light grounder.

Sleeping with Intent

Sleep can be a beneficial opportunity to create a focused intention of healing through an affirmation or a mantra. Programming a crystal for a particular intention can be a really good way of achieving this.

Here are some particular crystals for special intentions:

  • To dream about a future love or to heal a relationship: Rose Quartz and Pink Calcite

  • To help ease depression: Amber, Smoky Quartz

  • To enhance creativity: Malachite, aquamarine, green tourmaline

  • To help you see things from different perspectives: Green Calcite, Hawk’s Eye.

  • To support healing measures: Aventurine, green fluorite, emerald

  • For emotional balance: Moonstone

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