Are You Really Interested in Enlightenment?

“Man’s mind is made up of illusionary pictures. Consequently, when he throws away these pictures Truth will enter into his mind, and he will know Truth to the extent of what he has discarded. This is enlightenment.” Woo Myung, Stop Living In This Land. Go To The Everlasting World Of Happiness. Live There Forever

If you could chose to take one of two pills for the rest of your existence, which would you choose? One is the pill that will reveal the hidden truth in everything, all is revealed for exactly as it is. The other pill is for deception – this one maintains the illusion that everything we see appears real, appears to be truth but isn’t, it’s a veil. Do you choose the pain that comes with knowledge, or the illusory bliss that comes from ignorance?

Most of us are locked into a herd mentality, believing what we are told about the way things are, a collective hallucination about what is “supposed to be” or is expected of us. How many of us knowingly or not design our lives in this way? Following a well travelled roadmap through life, signing up for all those things expected of us – school, career, marriage, family. Somewhere in this mass deception we are de-programmed from free thinking & our creative inspiration of ideas on how to live is massively shut down. We follow the heels of the person in front of us.

And most of this, at least in the early stages is driven by our need for survival. Because we don’t know what to do on our own, we are too vulnerable, so we do what we can and follow the example. The biggest problem with this is that the majority of us are locked into fundamentally unhealthy & unsustainable survival mechanisms – the daily grind.

Imagine if we no longer had to do this? Imagine if we found out how it could be possible to step off the hamster wheel and feel what solid ground actually feels like?

I had spent many years searching. I read so many books, did all kinds of courses and workshops. I cannot deny, all of them were useful – I invariably learned something new. But something was missing, that was my first and only clue.

How could it be even possible to feel that something was missing, if something in me had not had prior experience or ‘remembering’ of this? Who is this that has prior ‘remembering’? Who was I even talking to in these conversations with myself!!

This is it – The existential crossroads with the book of questions instead of a map. What do we choose? How should we continue? If we choose the pill of hidden truths we learn things we may not be prepared for, and the Land of the Real is often a painful place. If we choose the pill of deception we get to remain comfortable in our familiarity, but we’re also blinded by our ignorance.

One represents the cultural conditioning that “happens” to us without our consent; while the other is choosing to become a person who can do something with what happens to us. Experiencing the world in this way is seeing through the illusion and then acting in a way that transcends it.

To wake up is to transform our apathy into empathy, our passivity into activity, and our crowd following instinct into independent responsiveness. If enough of us choose to take the truth pill, then we may be able to tilt the balance back in favour of a healthy, sustainable world.

“One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.” ― Carl Jung

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