Addressing Fear and Anxiety

Updated: Feb 27

Fear & Anxiety is probably the number one reason that people seek counselling or healing sessions in my experience. Stress accumulates from not being able to effectively deal with our different life challenges as they happen. Mostly we are wishing that certain things weren’t happening or weren’t the case and so we are caught in the resistance of them which results in worrying, stress and anxiety. The more we resist, the more our feelings get pushed back into our subconscious mind until we are no longer aware of what initially caused them, we are only aware of the effect.

We become fearful and anxious when we no longer want to look. Our inner world becomes a place of unknown which only increases our fear and anxiety. Our healing begins when we decide that we don’t want to put up with that anymore and we decide we want better ways to deal with what is upsetting us.

Therapy offers us some very effective ways to be able to address our fear, stress and anxiety. Our inner fear becomes most unpleasant because of how it disturbs our mind. It will create thoughts that certain things will go wrong, something bad will happen and we become even more distressed. So the first place that we can begin to deal with fear and anxiety is in the mind.

Consciously changing the mind:

Conscious awareness of our thinking is one place to start. When we realise that the thoughts we are thinking are powerful enough to change our reality, we can start to be empowered again. Adjusting our mindset to begin thinking in a positive way – even if the only place to start is “I don’t know what will happen” instead of “this is not going to work”. Truth cancels fear. So instead of creating fear with what we imagine what might happen, we step into a place of accepting that we don’t know, but can we handle finding out?

The more that we practice changing our conscious mind to accept truthful actual reality, it will slowly sink into our subconscious mind. Fearful thoughts started as a response to handle stress so when we address the root cause, our fearful thoughts can lessen.

We can practice replacing fearful thoughts with more encouraging and supportive thoughts to our inner self. Read or watch positive and uplifting material. Your mind is very susceptible, and your subconscious mind will be listening to the new thoughts. Throughout your day, consciously think of it, write down a reminder that you can read now and then.

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